Update v1.9 - Boss World and Custom Armor
3 days ago

Here's the changelog for update v1.9:

- Added the boss world, which will be used for all current and future bosses. To go there, just use "/warp bosses"

- Super Golem boss added, which drops Super Golem Shards.

- Golem set added, which gives you 2x regen rate, an extra 4 hearts, and 3 bonus hearts when you get below 30% health. Crafted with the Super Golem Shards!

- Optimizations and bug fixes

- Minecraft chat added, which means you can chat with players in the Minecraft server from Discord and vice versa.

Update v1.81 - Update to Minecraft 1.19
8 days ago

Here's the changelog for update v1.81:

- Server version updated to 1.19! There will be bugs and such so if you find any, just tell me or a staff member.

Update v1.8 - Economy Update, Bug Fixes, Combat Logging
16 days ago

Hello, here's the changelog for update v1.8:

- Economy has huge changes, including buffs to spawner farming, crop farming, and more! Some things have been nerfed as well, such as the amount of blocks in the block shop, and some ores.

- Combat logging added, so you die if you're combat tagged by someone and leave.

- Lots and lots of bug fixes

Update v1.74 - Custom Items, Patches, and New Mob
21 days ago

Hello, here's the changelog for update v1.74:

- Enderman Mage added, who drops a special Ender Eye used for crafting a new custom sword called "Ender Sword"!

- Many bug fixes and patches

- Plugins have been updated

Update v1.72 - Custom Biomes and Dungeons Update
about 1 month ago

Changelog for update v1.72:

- Biomes added to the Parsh world!

- Dungeons added with special loot and rooms. You can find a special pair of boots if you're lucky enough that give you a 50% damage buff!

- Tier 3 Loot Crates buffed

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